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02-07-2009, 07:31 AM
Dear All,

I'm reasonably happy that GaitSym my forward dynamic simulation system
is stable enough now to be released to the world so I've uploaded it
to my website at:


You can download the complete source code, executables for MacOSX and
Windows (it compiles fine on Linux but there are too many variants for
me to create binaries), and sample models (2 and 3D human, various 2D
non human bipeds). More models will become available as they get
published - some additional dinosaurs and various early hominins are
in the pipeline.

Some features of interest

Stable Forward Dynamic Modeller
Sophisticated Contact System
Minetti-Alexander and Umberger Muscle Models
Via Points and Cylinder Wrapping
Inertial Tensor Calculated from Outline
World or Local Coordinate Systems
High Speed Simulation
Able to produce high quality stills and animations via external ray-

It is set up for gait simulations but it will handle any general
purpose forward dynamic modelling. There is quite a detailed user
manual that describes the workflow for creating new models in detail.
It's something we've put a lot of work into.

Hopefully people will find it useful. Any comments, bug fixes, or
general discussion welcome.


Dr. Bill Sellers Email: William.Sellers@manchester.ac.uk
Lecturer in Integrative Vertebrate Biology Skype: wisellers
Faculty of Life Sciences Tel. 0161 2751719
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