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Flajole, Ben
02-09-2009, 06:04 AM
San Francisco Giants Baseball Operations
Sport Motion & Video Operator
Giants Minor League Complex: Scottsdale, Arizona

Job Summary: Coordinator of Sport Motion and Video Systems at Minor
League Complex
Effective Date: 2/9/2009
Location: Giants Minor League Complex: Scottsdale, Arizona
Department: Baseball Operations
Job Summary: Coordinator of Sport Motion and Video Systems at Minor
League Complex
Salary: $20,000.00 per year

TO APPLY FOR THIS JOB: Send cover letter and resume to Dan Martin
(dmartin@sfgiants.com) by the end of the day Thursday February 12th

Job Duties & Responsibilities
* Be proficient in usage of XOS and BATS technology including,
functionality, applications, software, and hardware in their respective
* Collect and manage data for XOS and BATS data bases.
* Be able to train various coaches and personnel to utilize
available technology tools as an enhanced communication device.
* Provide input on how best to document, report, and share XOS
information, that will ultimately lead to the progression tracking of
athletes over their entire career.
* Film and edit all home Arizona minor league games live and
additionally edit some road games and Arizona Fall League games.
* Breakdown additional video if needed for individual players,
coaches and Giants management.
Position Requirements
Preferred Education & Training
* Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in relevant disciplines (such as
CS, BS in Physical sciences, Exercise Science, Pre-Med, Mathematics,
etc.). An MBA or Masters Degree in a related field would be a plus.
* Extensive athletic background is preferred.
* Knowledge and strong understanding of overall athletic
development processes.

Additional Qualifications
To perform job successfully and in an ideal manner an individual must
have excellent communications skills, present self in a professional
manner, have ability to multitask, an eye for details, and show good
judgment and maturity in handling confidential matters.