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02-10-2009, 03:10 AM

*Institute for Biomechanics, ETH Zurich

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*Research Scientist*

*Quantitative imaging of arthritic joints*

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Arthritis is painful although nonfatal, and results in high costs to
society from workplace absenteeism to long-term healthcare costs.
Furthermore, it is difficult to diagnose and treat. Current treatments
include initial pain relief and improvement of joint movement, but
ultimately the disease leads to total joint replacement. Understanding
disease development and subsequent establishment of efficacious
treatment strategies have been confounded by the inability to visualise
the condition of the cartilage and quantitatively assess and monitor
pathological changes longitudinally. The recent pace of advances in
imaging technology has led to a number of approaches to imaging of
joints for preclinical and clinical research purposes.

Recently the Institute for Biomechanics has received funding to
investigate quantitative imaging of arthritic joints. The aim of the
project is to image and quantitatively evaluate cartilage and bone
tissue health in various animal models. It will be the role of the
Research Scientist to develop and validate experimental protocols, as
well as be involved in evaluation algorithm development for the analysis
of the various models. This will involve the use of animal models, in
vivo CT, micro-CT, and synchrotron CT, histological methods, and
computer analysis software. This is a two-year position which may
eventually lead into a PhD programme depending on the scientist's skills
and interests.

You will be working in a highly stimulating and international
environment at ETH Zurich. Our multidisciplinary and well-equipped group
provides an excellent environment to build your research career.


The candidate should have a university degree in material sciences,
biomedical/mechanical engineering, applied chemistry, or a related field
with a strong interest in biology and medicine and a willingness to work
with animal models. Biologists with a good technical and computational
background are also encouraged to apply. Previous experience in imaging
and 3D image analysis is advantageous. Excellent communication skills in
English are mandatory.


1. April 2009 or until the position is filled.

Please send your application including a motivational letter, a CV,
university transcripts, and contact details of two academic or
professional references to

Prof. Dr. Ralph Müller

Institute for Biomechanics

Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 10

8093 Zürich


For further questions please contact Dr. Kathryn Stok

kas@ethz.ch , +41 44 632 4580


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