View Full Version : Call for abstracts- SEB session on 'Integration of active andpassive control mechanisms in locomotion'

02-15-2009, 07:26 PM
Dear colleagues,

We are organizing a symposium entitled 'Integration of active and
passive control mechanisms in locomotion' for the upcoming annual SEB
main meeting in Glasgow.

This session will bring together researchers from the fields of
musculoskeletal biomechanics, neuromechanics, neurophysiology and
robotics, with the goal of stimulating discussion and debate. The
session includes keynote lectures and invited talks from a number of
leaders in these fields. You can find more information online at:

We are also accepting submitted talks for this session. If you are
considering attendance at SEB this year, we encourage you to submit an
abstract through the online submission system before 19th March 2009
(http://www.sebiology.org/meetings/Glasgow/Call-for-Papers.html). On
the 2nd page of the abstract submission process, you will be able to
choose 'Integration of active and passive control mechanisms in
locomotion' from a drop-down list.

The SEB Annual Main Meeting has an active Biomechanics Section with
around 100 delegates. Sessions organised by the Biomechanics Section
span all four days of the conference (4 days of talks and 2 evening
poster sessions), and cover a wide range of topics in comparative
biomechanics and neuromuscular function. The biomechanics sessions do
not run in parallel, allowing delegates to attend all related sessions.
This creates a congenial 'mini-conference' atmosphere that facilitates
stimulating discussion and encourages full participation of students and

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes,
Dr Monica Daley (mdaley@rvc.ac.uk)
Dr Andrew Spence (aspence@rvc.ac.uk)
Prof Alan Wilson (awilson@rvc.ac.uk)

Structure and Motion Lab
Royal Veterinary College
Hawkshead Lane, Hatfield
+44 (0)1707 666 259