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02-18-2009, 08:11 PM
Dear Colleague,
You can read responses to my question about "internet camera 50-100 Hz".

1.Hi Marcin,

You are unlikely to find a USB webcam that records at that framerate; if you
do, I'd be glad to hear of it, but it's unlikely since that type of
equipment is designed to transmit over fairly slow internet connections.

A better bet would be to go with a camera like this:


and then offload the files after capture. The offload is very quick, only a
minute or two depending on the length of the movie, and is done over USB.

Have a good one,


2.If you are going to do it yourself and this is going to be linked to a
laptop, why does it have t obe an internet camera ?

There are many in the market that are connected via firewire.

look out for Silicon Imaging, Basler etc


Giannis Giakas PhD
University of Thessaly

3.Dear Marcin,

I have used both Pulnix and Proscillica GigabyteE camera's for underwater
filming, however we had to have underwater housings built specifically for
the camera's which was a lengthy and expensive process. Unfortunately I do
not know of any other internet cameras which are capable of 50-100fps and
underwater filming without having to build a waterproof housing, could you
please let me know if anyone else has better suggestions.

Kind Regards,

Clare Jones
Sport Scientist (Biomechanics)
Queensland Academy of Sport
PO Box 956
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4.You may want to look at the Phillips SPC 1000 or 1300.


Annegret Mündermann, Ph.D.

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Email anne.muendermann@gmail.com

5.Philips has feataured some high fram rates webcameras.

"Webcam pro SPC1330NC changes your perception of video calling. HD video
quality with true 2.0 Mega Pixels video, 8.0 Mega Pixels photo, 90
frames per second video and autofocus. Ultra-clear stereo sound with two
built-in microphones."


I myself think of using such like for movement analysis.

Regards Frank Borg

6.Dear Marcin,

Porbably you have already heard of CONTEMPLAS as a company developing easy
to use and straight forward software to be used in a daily practical
environment. We are able to capture either 3 highspeed cameras at 200-400 Hz
(Basler Pilot) with a notebook or up to 6 such cameras with a desktop
If you want to capture at 100 Hz we can recommend another GigE camera, which
is about 1000 Euro. The cameras can be captured synchronized directly to the
PC and the software enables a simple playback and qualitative and
quantitative analysis.
Please visit our website to get an idea of what we are doing and providing.

I would very much appreciate your reply and please feel free to ask for an

Best regards
Stefan Klippel

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7.Dear Marcin
Our KineView product delivers 50 fps from standard video camera and has been
used for under water swimming applications.
It allows for measuring angles, positions and distances in the picture.

We have also made EMG under water on swimmers!

Please check out our web page
Best regards
Baldur Thorgilsson
Head of development department
Kine ehf
Baejarhraun 8, 220 Hafnarfjodur, Iceland
web: www.kine.is, phone: +354 5808300

Best regads,

Marcin Jaszczak

Unit of Swimming
University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw
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