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03-06-2009, 02:21 AM
First Announcement and call for Papers, Posters and Exhibitors

'Exploring the Biological/ Biomechanics Interface'

7th May, 2009 at ARUP Campus
Blythe Valley Park
Solihull, UK

Hosted by ARUP

The purpose of this one day meeting is to update, network and foster links
in the multidisciplinary and cross disciplinary areas which encompass
mechanic, biology and medicine. This meeting will include invited and
contributing speakers from the area of biomedical engineering, biology and
medicine and will explore and demonstrate new developments and tools which
are now available for solving many problems which link these disciplines.
Areas of interest will be from nano – to macro scale modelling, cellular
mechanics through to simulation in tissue engineering and regeneration
techniques. The main aim of this meeting is to focus on linking and merging
the knowledge base of bioengineers, biologist, clinicians and healthcare
scientists both through providing examples of successful applications and
also to give an explanations of how new and innovative tools are being
developed and how these can be successfully applied in practice.
Scientists, bioengineers, biologists, clinicians and commercial
organisations are invited to present and participate.

Here nano to macro scale modelling, mechanical aspects of cellular
behaviour and mechanotransduction, tissue engineering/regeneration and
computational biology are suggested areas for inclusion in the programme.

The aim here is to focus on both existing and new scientific techniques
(laboratory and simulation based) which can be used to link the
multidisciplinary and cross disciplinary areas which encompass mechanics,
biology and healthcare sciences.

REGISTER AT www.meditech.cf.ac.uk
We are pleased to consider contributed oral presentations, posters or
displays for this seminar (oral presentations will be 20 minutes). Numbers
are restricted to 60 people and places will be allocated on a first come
first served basis. The cost of the meeting will be £75 and includes
coffee breaks, lunch and conference packs. If you wish to contribute a
paper or provide a poster or display please contact Rumana at
or see information .

Also note that exhibition space for companies, publishers and software
houses is free of charge however the meeting fee for each person attending
will apply.

Contact Rumana at for further details.

Rumanan Faruque
Wales College of Medicine
Cardiff Medicentre
Heath Park
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Tel/Fax. +44 (0)29 20682161
Email: faruquer@cardiff.ac.uk