View Full Version : BIOMCH-L, Week #3

unknown user
11-27-1988, 10:38 PM
Dear Colleagues,

At the present time, BIOMCH-L membership consists of 29 known subscribers
(including one from Ireland) on EARN/BITNET/NETNORTH, ARPA/Internet, JANET,
and EUnet, plus an unknown number of readers at (local) Usenet nodes. Usenet
is the (world-wide) email news posting system for UUCP (Unix-to-Unix-CoPy); cf.
the paper by Quarterman & Hoskins, Comm. ACM, Oct. 1986. See also the most
recent version of BITNET.SERVERS, which can be retrieved interactively or by
email from NETSERV@HEARN (or any other NETSERVer) via the request


As regards possible topics of interest for BIOMCH-L, I would suggest "calls
for related work" as done in my previous posting of today. Of course, such
public calls may be at variance with budget-tight situations, as one might
wish to protect the ideas for doing any particular kind of research until
the results are published. Therefore, the confidence placed on the reader-
ship should be honoured, similar to ordinary reviewing of manuscripts and
grant applications.

Any "call for help or related work" resulting in freely given information
by fellow-readers might warrant to be summarized in a follow-up posting; how-
ever, replies to a posted query should be sent to the originating source.
I think that this is more practical than posting replies to the list, unless
the replier feels that his reaction deserves general dissemination.

Regards -- Herman J. Woltring.