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03-11-2009, 02:12 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a portable AD system to take out and about. I use an
Adinstruments Powerlab system in the lab and I really like the fact
that it has a lot of built in signal conditioning (a high gain
amplifier and some nice low and high pass filtering options) but it is
fairly big and heavy and of course main powered. What I'm after is a
more portable option preferably powered off the USB port or from an
external low voltage supply. The minimum spec is 10,000 samples a
second, 16 bit, 4 channels and I'd really like the DC or 0.1Hz
coupling and a selection of low pass filters with sensitivity down to
10mV full range. It's the latter functions that seem quite hard to get
- there are plenty of USB powered 16 or even 24 bit AD converters but
they seem to need external amplifiers and filters which is something
I'd rather avoid...

Any suggestions?


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