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03-12-2009, 05:24 PM
Dear Subscribers,

Prof. John Rasmussen, Aalborg University, will be giving a free webcast presentation on Thursday March 19th on "Anthropometric scaling in musculoskeletal models".

This webcast presents ongoing work on reliable scaling of models to represent individual subjects or percentiles of the population. The scaling is in terms of body dimensions as well as strength, and new results and features are presented in terms of scaling to bony landmarks and scaling based on motion capture data.

Notice that to accommodate viewers from different sides of the planet we are running the presentation twice with 12 hours interval:

First show: Thursday March 19th 09:00 (Berlin) - 16:00 Beijing - 17:00 Tokyo - 19:00 Sydney.

Second show: Thursday March 19th 21:00 (Berlin) - 16:00 New York - 13:00 San Francisco - 07:00 Friday Sydney.

The duration of the webcast is approximately one hour including Q&A. The event is free but it is necessary to sign up to participate.

Please do it here: http://www.anybodytech.com/index.php?id=889

Best Regards,

Arne Kiis
AnyBody Technology