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03-12-2009, 08:52 PM
Dear all,

Does anyone know how to connect Kistler force platforms to the giganet of

In our laboratory we have been using 2 Kistler platforms with built-in amplifier
by using Bio-Ware software. Now we have purchased Vicon and we want to
integrate the platforms with Vicon. But the magnitude recorded by the
platforms is not correct. We think that the problem is with the hardware

To record platforms data with BioWare, we connect the platforms to the
computer via a connection box (supplied with the platforms by the Kistler
distributor) that has an A/D converter, and the results are ok. The
configuration system is:

Kistler platform with built-in amplifier -> connection box -> data acquisition
card ->computer with BioWare

Now we want to integrate the platform in Vicon. The connection box has 16
channel input/output pins, we guess for the 2x8 analogue data from the 2
force platforms. So, since Vicon system requires analogue data, we connected
the platforms to Giganet through the 16 pins of the connection box; and also,
in order to activate, reset… the platforms, we connected them to the
computer with BioWare (with the older configuration described above via the
same connection box). But it didn’t work. The force value read by Vicon and
BioWare is the same but it is wrong: it is too low and not stable but slightly

Could anyone tell us which configuration is used for Vicon+Kistler platforms
with built-in amplifier? How are you connecting the platforms to Giganet?

Or does anyone know what is wrong in our configuration?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

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