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03-19-2009, 02:51 AM
Hello Greg:

Qualisys has a manual that is personalized to the group's environment as
used for the facility planners to take to the architect. This manual
presents and discusses that wide variety of issues that need to be addressed
prior to a mocap system being unpacked:

Such items include:

Windows, lighting, and mirrors,
in-ground force plates vs above ground raised flooring,
non-conductive conduit, electrical codes and conduit,
location of a lab for EMG signals,
vibrations of walls, ceiling and location of HVAC relative to camera
type of flooring relative to the population to be served, Carpeting,
concrete, floor tile with cement backing
rail mounting of cameras vs hinged arms, vs fixed mounts vs tripods ...
location of electrical outlets, wall switches and console panels
Water, sink and storage of accessories, markers and equipment
Height of ceiling relative to performances (One group had 14' ceiling and
then the architect hung the HVAC's ventilation duct directly over the
walkway not ideal)
Patient Prep area relative to the lab
Console/Tech area and other lab office space
A lit sign saying "Testing in Process" outside the door ...
Privacy curtains and doors
Locked cabinets and furniture for waiting
Wall paint - Glossy is nice but will it reflect?

Once these facility issues are addressed then we can answer: type of
cameras, location, mounts, because what we see are great labs in the design
phase and then once everything is installed, there is the "cluster of black
cables" from Force plates, cameras and EMG that need to be managed
effectively. Wall, Ceiling and floor conduit gives that lab a finished
look. I am glad we only have 1 cable to the computer to manage. If I can be
of help let me know.

Dan India

Qualisys North America
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Hi listers,

We are setting up a new robotics/biomechanics lab at the University of

In doing so, it struck me how everyone involved in the design process
seems to have at least one great innovation or fantastic idea based on
prior lab design.

Given that, I thought I would ask you, the members of the list, for a
great idea or two regarding setting up a new lab. It can be about space,
storage, power, lighting, workflow - it's wide open. As is tradition, I
will document and compile all the responses.

Thanks in advance for your contribution.

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