Karin Wayssmaier
05-18-1994, 07:29 PM
************************************************** *****
* Re: Employment opportunity at the Department of *
* Biomechanics (Head Prof. H. Hatze), University *
* of Vienna, Austria *
************************************************** *****

As a result of the first announcement a number of
applications have been received for the above position.
In order to widen the range of applicants, the announcement
will be repeated twice: once this week and a second time
next week.

A full-time position at the University Assistant (Assistant
Professor) level is available at the Department of Bio-
mechanics, IfS, University of Vienna as from 1 September 1994.
Applicants should be qualified in Biomechanics (Ph.D.
preferred), should possess a strong interest in, and proven
ability for, biomechanics research (neuromusculoskeletal
systems modeling), and must be citizens of a EU country.
A working knowledge of the German language (speaking, reading,
and writing) is also required.

The commencing salary is fixed at ATS 23.784,- per month,
fourteen times a year. The new 800 m2 - laboratory is best
equipped with three Kistler force plates, a new 1000 fps
video motion analysis system, a modern computer center,
video graphics system, muscle dynamometer, etc.

Interested persons should send a curriculum vitae (including
a publication list) per telefax (Nr. Int.+43-1-9822661-131)
Ms Karin Wayssmaier, Secretary to Prof.Hatze
IfS, Dept. of Biomechanics
Auf der Schmelz 6, A-1150 Vienna

Karin Wayssmaier is also available for further information
under tel.nr. Int.+43-1-9822661-194.