View Full Version : Video splitter needed

Neil Glossop
05-19-1994, 12:23 AM
Dear Biomch-l readers,

I am looking for a "video splitter", a device used to combine
images from 2 video cameras onto the same frame. These devices are
used to simaltaneously display/record a sagital and frontal view of a
gait study by splitting the video frame into two, placing the view from
one camera on the left part of the frame and the view from the other on
the right hand part of the same frame. The space occupied by each
camera view is adjustable with some kind of knob, and they can also
be switched to split the field horozontally.

Does anyone know what this thing is called, or where to get it? How
much are they?

Thanks in advance,

N. Glossop, Ph.D.,
Toronto, Canada