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04-01-2009, 03:58 PM
Early Registration NEW date: 15th April 2009

European Society of Biomechanics 2009 Workshop Movement Biomechanics and Sport 7-9th June 2009

ETH Zurich, Science City, Zurich, Switzerland

The eleven tutorial speakers and a single track program with talks and poster presentations are promising an interesting workshop. The program is available on www.esb2009.ethz.ch

For the participants of the workshop, it is possible to earn a certificate equal to 1 ECTS credit point.

The topics of the workshop include:

- Material response - mechanical effects of loading
Load cases and boundary conditions
Material characterization and modeling
- System response - immediate and short term effects of loading
Load cases during daily activities and sport
Stimulation, injury, pain
- System adaptation - long term effects of loading
Mechanobiology, soft tissue adaptation
Influence of health, age and gender
Chronic pain

The confirmed tutorial speakers are:

Prof. Per Aagaard University of Southern Denmark, DK
Dr. Helen Birch University College London, UK
Dr. Jachen Denoth ETH Zurich, CH
Prof. Martin Flück Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
PD Dr. Jörg Goldhahn Schulthess Clinic, Zurich, CH
Prof. Geoffrey Goldspink University College London, UK
Prof. Hans Hoppeler University of Bern, CH
Dr. Marco Linari University of Florence, IT
Prof. Marco Narici Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Prof. Jess Snedeker University of Zurich, CH
Dr. Viktor Tiegermann biotissue technologies, Freiburg, GER

Early registration fees (includes 2 lunches, 1 buffet reception, conference dinner and coffee):
Student ESB Member: 350 CHF / 225 Euro
Student Non-ESB Member: 450 CHF / 300 Euro
ESB Member: 560 CHF / 375 Euro
Non-ESB Member: 660 CHF / 450 Euro
For registration after 15th April 2009 an additional fee of 80 CHF will be charged.