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04-17-2009, 06:25 AM
We have an experiment planned for collecting the joint angle data for
scaffolding operations. We have recently procured three goniometers and a
torsiometer from Biometrics Ltd. We currently have the Myopac system from
Run Technologies that is capable of collecting the required data provided we
have the 37pin DC connector that connects the sensors with the Myopac belt
unit. We would like to know if you have this connector and if we could
borrow it for the experiment duration as well as for a few weeks prior to it
for training.

Since we are not able to collect data from the newly procured
electrgoniometers, we would like to know if you have any alternate forms of
interfacing units that will enable this data collection exercise. Any system
that is compatible with the goniometers from Biometrics Ltd. (DataLog or
DataLink unit from Biometrics, Flex Comp system, BIOPAC system) would be
very useful in our exercise. We are hoping to use any equipment that could
be used for collection in a laboratory setting. We would also be interested
in borrowing the recording and analysis software for data analysis.


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