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Orit Yarden
05-22-1994, 07:14 PM
Dear colleagues,

In a recent posting I inquired about cross sectional areas of tendons of
the upper limb. Thanks to all those who took the time out to answer. As is
stands, more of you expressed interest in these values data than those
who were able to furnish them. Data of actual tendon cross sectional areas is
probably somewhat scarce.
What follows is a collection of the replies.

Thanks again,

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From: "Peace be with you."
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Subject: Re: tendon cross sectional area


You can try in Clinical Mechanics of the Hand or a 1981 J Hand Surgery
article titled Relative Tension and Potential Excursion of Muscles in the
Forearm and Hand 209-219 vol 6(3). Paul Brand wrote them both. If you can't get
them then I could fax the tables to you. Good luck.


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Dave Giurintano
Paul Brand Biomechanics Lab
GW Long Hansen's Disease Center
Carville, LA 70721

>From gc@excsci.umass.edu Tue May 17 11:31:17 1994
Date: Fri, 13 May 1994 10:33:53 -0400
From: "Graham E. Caldwell"
To: yarden@eng.tau.ac.il
Subject: Tendon CSA

Dr. Yarden,

The following data were gathered from the right (dominant) arm of a
34 year-old male, using MRI. All numbers represent average tendon CSA
in mm * mm.

biceps 125.2
brachialis 95.0
pronator teres 44.2
flexor carpi radialis 38.5
brachioradialis 46.5
triceps 143.4

Hope these data are useful to you. They may be found in the following
citation (a paper based on my PhD dissertation):

Caldwell & Chapman (1991). The general distribution problem: a
physiological solution which includes antagonism. Human Movement
Science, 10, 355-392.

Graham Caldwell, Dept of Exercise Science, Un. of Massachusetts, USA

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Date: Sat, 14 May 1994 18:20:53 -0600 (CST)
From: D119MSS@utarlg.uta.edu
To: yarden@eng.tau.ac.il
Subject: Re: tendon cross sectional area

Try looking at Savio Woo's papers, he uses an optical
technique and has looked at several ligments.
-Good Luck
Michael Sacks,U. Miami