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04-30-2009, 02:04 AM

Throughout evolution the human body has become adapted for running, climbing, jumping, stretching and bending. But western societies are increasingly sedentary; indeed as much as 80% of a person's day may be spent in a sitting posture. Current evidence relates various forms of pathology, in particular lower back pain, to bad sitting posture. According to figures from the 2003/4 Labour Force Survey, British business loses an estimated 4.9 million days each year to employee absenteeism through work-related back conditions. A range of ergonomic solutions have been proposed to reduce the impact of prolonged sitting on individuals in office environments, including various forms of chair and desk arrangement. But the biomechanical efficacy of many of these has not yet been established.

In this PhD you will use a lab-based biomechanical approach to explore the problems caused by prolonged sitting and the efficacy of a range of currently available ergonomic solutions. The project may also involve assessing the efficacy of various complementary physical therapies in addressing associated pathologies. This is a joint project between Dr Susannah Thorpe (University of Birmingham) and Dr Susanne Prankel (University of Worcester).

The successful candidate will:

(i). have good knowledge of musculoskeletal and/or movement biomechanics of humans or other animals (preferably at Masters level)

(ii). be able to work as part of a dynamic research team

Funding Notes
Applications are invited immediately. Please contact Dr. Thorpe in the first instance with your CV.

For references and further information about the labs of Drs Thorpe and Prankel please paste the following links into your browser

Dr Thorpe: http://www.biosciences.bham.ac.uk/labs/thorpe/index.htm
Dr Prankel: http://www.worc.ac.uk/departments/9745.html

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