View Full Version : Measurement of force of button pressing

05-06-2009, 04:20 AM
Hi all,

I am a behavior analysis graduate student. I am looking to do a study that
examines the force of responses in individuals diagnosed with developmental
disabilities. Essentially, the set up would be a button/switch the
individual presses to gain access to reinforcement.

I was looking to measure the force of these responses. So far my
investigation into a possible apparatus indicates that a small force plate
placed inside the button might give me readings about the force of button
compression. It also appears this could be done with a load cell.

I am wondering about differences between these types of measurement systems.
Any advantages, disadvantages. My understanding is that the load cell would
likely measure forces that are outside the range of possible human

Additionally, are there any systems that are in this form already (i.e.,
button/switch press)?

To further complicate matters I need to be able to record and store up to
200 responses in a 10 minute period, does anyone have a good recommendation
for software that is able to handle this amount of output. If it could be a
Mac product I would be even more the grateful.

Thank you for your time and Regards,


Griffin Rooker M.S. BCBA
Research Assistant
University of Florida