View Full Version : pedalling technique of competitive cyclists

Fred Zommers
05-23-1994, 09:10 AM
I am investigating the pedalling technique of competive cyclists.
As many of you may know it has been a controversial topic for many years.
I have constructed my own computerised power and cadence measurement equipment whit [C [C [ [h
which is able to measure power and cadence at each degree of crank revolution.
I will be measuring the power input (oxygen consumption) to determine if a ch
a change in technique produces a change in efficiency of the human body.
I will also be doing a video analysis to look at various biomechanical

Can anyone assist with knowledge of recent or current research that is
similar or related?

I am particularly interested in the following:

1. Pedalling technique and efficiency,
2. Pedalling technique and cycling injuries,
3. Motor learning associated with pedalling a bicycle,
4. Equipment that is capable of accurately measuring power and cadence
especially within one crank revolution.