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05-18-2009, 11:58 PM
An appointment as an Experienced Researcher (ER) is available at Center
for Sensory-Motor Interaction (SMI) Aalborg University, Denmark, within
the framework of the European Marie-Curie Research and Training Network
entitled “3D Anatomical Human” for one year.

See: http://3dah.miralab.unige.ch/

The objective of this network is to increase, by scientific exchange,
the development of new technologies and knowledge around virtual
representations of human body for interactive medical applications. The
network has a specific goal: developing realistic functional
three-dimensional models for the human musculoskeletal system, the
methodology being demonstrated on the lower limb. The main task lead by
SMI is to perform experimental analysis of human movement to support the
development of the models.

The second task will be to develop a detailed knee model using the
AnyBody Modeling System in close cooperation with the AnyBody Research
Group. The AnyBody project aims to develop the best and most detailed
musculoskeletal models of the human anatomy. Most recently a new lower
extremity model has been implemented with about 160 individual muscles
in each leg and improvements in the ankle and knee joint kinematics.

The knee is attracting a lot of interest, but the present model still
fails to accurately resolve the internal kinematics of the knee and the
distribution of forces between the different load-carrying structures.
Also, with the current analysis facilities it is not possible to
accurately predict the kinematics of a knee joint prosthesis depending
on its design parameters such as surface shapes. In order to resolve
these problems a detailed model of the knee is necessary.

Applicants will have a PhD in biomedical or biomechanical engineering,
or any directly relevant discipline. Good practical laboratory skills in
acquisition and processing of kinematic and kinetic information related
to humans or larger animals. The candidate must preferably be a citizen
of the European Union. We strongly encourage the application of female

For more information contact:
Mark de Zee, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor
Aalborg University, Department of Health Science and Technology
Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction (SMI)
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 D-3, 9220 Aalborg, Denmark
Phone: +45-99408818
E-mail: mdz@hst.aau.dk

If you are interested and happen to go to the ISB conference in Cape
Town, please let us now. We can setup a meeting.