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05-19-2009, 04:55 AM
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The Clinical Gait and Movement Analysis Lab in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is seeking a highly motivated individual for a graduate research assistantship. The individual is required to be enrolled in a Doctorate program at UIC (preferably through the Physical Therapy Dept.). Assistance with application to the PhD program will be provided.

The long-term objectives of the Clinical Gait and Movement Analysis Laboratory (CGMAL) include the development of clinical interventions to improve a person's own neuromuscular defense mechanisms against fall-related injuries, including development of new assessment tools and treatment strategies. A guiding principle of our research is that it should impact the clinical practice of physical rehabilitation. The following are representative of recently published research:

Bhatt TS, Wening JD, Pai YC. Adaptive control of gait stability in reducing slip-related backward loss of balance. Exp Brain Res (2006) 170: 61–73
Pai YC, Bhatt TS. Repeated-slip training: an emerging paradigm for prevention of slip-related falls among older adults. Phys Ther. 2007;87:l 478-1491.
Feng Yang, Frank C. Anderson, Yi-Chung Pai. Predicted threshold against backward balance loss following a slip in gait. Journal of Biomechanics 41 (2008) 1823–1831
The data collection area includes a 10 x 3 m instrumented walkway, an 8 camera 240-Hz Falcon high-resolution motion capture system, embedded force plates (AMTI), and an EMG data collection system. Opportunities exist for collaborative research in motor control, motor learning, orthopedic biomechanics, modeling, and automatic control engineering.

The successful candidate will participate in extramurally (NIH) funded research that investigates dynamic stability against perturbation. The ability to work independently, problem solving, and attention to detail are essential skills. Individuals with particular interest in kinesiology, motor control, neuroscience, or related fields are invited to apply.

Students with specific questions about the research assistantship opportunity please contact directly: Clive Y.-C. Pai,
Department of Physical Therapy
University of Illinois at Chicago
1919 W. Taylor St. room 426, M/C 898
e -mail: cpai@uic.edu
Tel:(312) 996-1507
FAX (312) 996-4583
PT Dept: http://www.ahs.uic.edu/pt/

Feng Yang
University of Illinois at Chicago