05-27-2009, 02:52 AM
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE


Applications are now being accepted through the National Research
Council for a post-doctoral position in biomechanics at the U.S. Army
Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM), located in Natick, MA.
The mission of USARIEM is to conduct biomedical research to improve &
sustain Warfighter performance & health under all conditions
(www.usariem.army.mil). The ideal candidate will conduct research on the
biomechanics of musculoskeletal injury. Positions will be awarded for 1
year, renewable up to 3 years, and pay an annual stipend of $55K plus

USARIEM BIOMECHANICS: The Center for Military Biomechanics Research
(CMBR) is a 120' x 50' state of the art biomechanics laboratory located
at USARIEM. The Center houses two 3D motion capture and analysis systems
(Qualysis Motion Capture System), in-ground and portable force platforms
(AMTI), two force-sensing treadmills (AMTI), 2 EMG systems (DelSys),
digital video capture and processing capabilities (DartFish), an indoor
modular obstacle course, a full weight room, and a variety of
instrumented training apparatus to quantify human movement and physical
performance. Five doctorally qualified, credentialed investigators and a
dedicated technical staff man the CMBR and collaborate with experts in
Physiology, Nutrition, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Biomedical
Modeling, and Engineering both on site and at a spectrum of national and
international research facilities.

QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must hold Ph.D. or equivalent degree for
less than five years and must be U.S. citizens. The successful candidate
will have demonstrated the ability to perform productive research in the
area of biomechanics and musculoskeletal injury. Excellent written and
oral communication skills are also required, as well as the ability to
collaborate with other investigators.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Persons interested in learning more about the
position should contact:
Joseph Seay, Ph.D.
Research Biomechanist, Military Performance Division,
U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
Phone: 508-233-4888
e-mail: joseph.seay@us.army.mil

TO APPLY: Applicants need to submit a letter that describes their
professional goals, a current CV and 1-2 representative publications to:
Edward J. Zambraski Ph.D.,
Chief, Military Performance Division,
Natick, MA 01760-5007
Phone: 508-233-4800
e-mail: edward.zambraski@us.army.mil

Joseph Seay, Ph.D.
USARIEM, Military Performance Division
Kansas St., Building 42
Natick, MA 01760
508.233.4888 (Phone)
508.233.4195 (Fax)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE