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05-27-2009, 04:20 AM
Job Title: Balance and Mobility Product Line Manager

Company: Bertec (http://www.bertec.com)

Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA (http://liveworkplaycolumbus.com/)

Department: Research and Development

Reports to: Chief Technology Officer

Company Summary:
Bertec designs, manufactures, and markets devices and products for
clinical practitioners and academic researchers in the biomechanics
industry. Bertec’s primary capabilities are multi-axis force
measurement, biofeedback systems, digital signal processing, and
electromechanical control.

The Bertec BalanceCheck™ products provide balance and mobility
professionals with a clinician-oriented means to quantify postural
sway and other patient variables. Continual addition of protocols,
analyses, and reporting capabilities is key to providing an up to date
posturography assessment and training system. The current system uses
a 3-component Bertec force plate (Fz, CoPx, CoPy) to perform
computerized mCTSIB, Limits of Stability, and other tests.

Job Summary:
As the Product Line Manager, you will bring in-depth knowledge of the
biomechanics of balance and mobility as well as established project
management skills to Bertec’s research and development team. Up to
date knowledge of academic publications and familiarity with clinical
practices will allow you to combine cutting edge research with
practical end user demands into progressive product ideas. Working
closely with engineering, production, sales, customer service, and
marketing, you will be responsible for championing and managing the
life cycle of the BalanceCheck™ products. You will leverage Bertec’s
and its partners’ capabilities to design, manufacture, and market
useful and innovative products for balance and mobility researchers
and clinicians.

You will also collaborate with external researchers for product
development and validation, present at industry conferences, and
represent the CTO internally and externally for all balance and
mobility interests.

The ideal candidate is interested in being the face of balance and
mobility for Bertec.

Job Duties:
Essential Functions
• Manage current products and projects
• Interface with all relevant departments to commercialize new products
• Collaborate with clinical, academic, and administrative professionals
• Contribute, cultivate, and nurture product ideas from both
internal and external sources
Additional Responsibilities
• Coordinate and manage documentation for products, e.g.
patents, funding, regulatory, user manuals, etc.
• Maintain comprehension of current balance and mobility
biomechanics research
• Attend and present at conferences

• Successful maintenance of current products and collaborations
• Generation of fruitful concepts for future products and collaborations
• Expansion of Bertec’s role in the balance and mobility industry

• BS, MS, or PhD in Biomechanics, Physical Therapy,
Kinesiology, Ergonomics, Rehabilitation Science or a related field.
• Demonstrated project management skills
• Strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills
• Experience in performing balance and mobility research (preferred)
• US citizenship, permanent residence, or a valid work visa is required

Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. Qualified
applicants should send a cover letter, and resume or CV to the
attention of:

Murat K. Berme
Bertec Corporation
"A Movement in Force"
T: +1 614.430.5421 x1126
F: +1 614.430.5425
E: murat at bertec dot com