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06-01-2009, 11:59 PM
Hello Biomech-L

I'm resubmitting the below, as I think it got lost somewhere on friday....

Closing date for the below opportunities is the 11th June.

Kind regards

Steve Abbott


Ph.D Studentship and two summer student posts available at Anglia Ruskin
University, Chelmsford, United Kingdom.

Anglia Ruskin University has had an ongoing programme of research on Phono
Arthrometry since 2005. This is the study of sounds generated naturally by a
joint in motion, and has value as a fast, non-invasive, and cheap means of
gaining detailed diagnostic information about the internal health of a joint.
The programme has resulted in the development of an experimental prototype
that performed excellently in early blinded clinical tests.

An expansion of research activity has made the following posts available
within the Faculty of Health & Social Care, based at our Chelmsford Campus:

Summer Studentships. 200 per week.

2 Summer Studentships are available, from early July, for 8 weeks. These are
to carry out further processing work on the substantial data set collected
with the experimental prototype. They would suit undergraduates in a numerate
discipline, looking to gain direct experience of commercially focused
research in a university environment.

Ph.D Studentship. 12940 per annum, plus fees.

A 3 year fully funded Ph.D position is available, for take up in September
2009, or slightly before. The Ph.D will focus on using the Experimental Phono
Arthrometer in a clinical environment, investigating the responses of the new
instrument to a wide range of patients with Osteo-Arthritis. The Ph.D will
conclude with a full double blinded clinical trial of the new device.

To apply for the Ph.D Studentship you should be completing, or have, a
Masters degree in a discipline that involved collection and analysis of
numerical data, and an interest in medical devices and technology. To apply
for the summer studentships you should have a minimum of excellent skills
with Microsoft Excel, and be undertaking, or have completed, a degree in any
numerate discipline.

Applications for all 3 posts are by standard form, however in the first
instance; please submit your current CV as a pre-application. Instructions
will be
sent out to potential candidates. Don't forget to say which post you are
applying for.

For further information, and to apply for these positions, please email:

Dr Steven Abbott
Researcher (Phono Arthrometry)
Faculty of Health & Social Care
Anglia Ruskin University


Dr Steven Abbott
Researcher (Phono Arthrometry)
Department of Allied Health
Faculty of Health & Social Care
2nd Floor, William Harvey Building
Anglia Ruskin University
Rivermead Campus
Bishops Hall Lane

Tel - 0845 196 4131 (direct dial)

EMERGING EXCELLENCE: In the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2008, more than 30% of our submissions were rated as 'Internationally Excellent' or 'World-leading'. Among the academic disciplines now rated 'World-leading' are Allied Health Professions & Studies; Art & Design; English Language & Literature; Geography & Environmental Studies; History; Music; Psychology; and Social Work & Social Policy & Administration. Visit www.anglia.ac.uk/rae for more information.

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