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06-17-2009, 10:10 PM
Dear Subscribers,

Prof. John Rasmussen from the AnyBody Research Group (Dept. of Mech.Eng., Aalborg University) will be giving a free webcast presentation on Thursday June 25th on the subject of "Features of muscle recruitment algorithms".

The webcast will focus on muscle recruitment since recruitment in redundant muscle systems is an issue that tends to spark heated discussions between biomechanists. There will be a review of the fundamental features of different algorithms for muscle recruitment, and a look at the different opportunities for defining the optimization problem, showing how they lead to qualitatively different solutions to the problem. Finally, the new muscle recruitment algorithms in the AnyBody Modeling System version 4.0 are introduced, showing how the user can control the problem definition.

Notice that to accommodate viewers from different sides of the planet we are running the presentation twice with 12 hours interval:

First show: Thursday June 25th 09:00am Berlin - 15:00 (3pm) Beijing - 16:00 (4pm) Tokyo - 17:00 (5pm) Sydney.

Second show: Thursday June 25th 21:00 (9pm) Berlin - 15:00 (3pm) New York - 12:00 (12pm) San Francisco - 05:00am (Wednesday) Sydney.

The duration of the webcast is approximately one hour including Q&A. The event is free but it is necessary to sign up to participate. Please sign up here http://www.anybodytech.com/index.php?id=910


Casper Gerner Mikkelsen
AnyBody Technology A/S