View Full Version : piezoelectric crystals for instructive force plate

06-30-2009, 06:47 AM
A student and I are constructing an inexpensive force plate to use for
demonstration purposes - teaching high school students about biomechanics,
for example. To keep the construction simple and the cost down, the force
platform will be designed to measure force in the vertical direction only.
(See Cross, 1999, Am J Phys 67:304-309). We need to obtain four (4)
piezoelectric crystals, but so far it's looking like we need to buy 25 units
(minimum) at about $500. Does anyone happen to have extra piezoelectric
crystals that you'd like to unload? We will pay for shipping. Any ideas on
how to get inexpensive (free?) piezoelectric crystals? Thank you, Andrew
Lammers, Dept Health Sciences, Cleveland State University.