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07-06-2009, 05:31 PM
At the Institute of Sportscience (germany, jena)

*Full Professor (W2) in ‘Science of Sport Training’*

The applicant should be an expert in teaching and research the field of
„Science of Sport Training’. The position includes management of the
associated section of “Sport Activities”. Concepts should be developed
particularly in co-operation with the section of ‘Sports Pedagogy and

Teaching refers to all lectures in all educational programs in sport
science (diploma degree, bachelor, master degree)

Prerequisites of the employment are a specific university degree, a
qualification in pedagogy, a doctorate and a position as assistant
professor (or equivalence). Expertise in the acquisition of external
funds is expected.

Applications of female scientists are kindly requested. Handicapped
applicants shall be predominantly selected in case of an equivalent
educational and scientific background. Applications, including specific
documents, should be sent until August 31th to the

Dean of the
Fakultät fßr Sozial- u. Verhaltenswissenschaften der Friedrich-Schiller-
Universität Jena
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07743 Jena

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