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07-12-2009, 11:42 AM
Dear members of Biomechanics and Movement Science Listserver,

I'm working on the reconstruction of a 3D model of a functional
vertebral unit (L4-L5, including the intervertebral disc), using the
female image dataset from the visible human project. I?m using AMIRA
and MIMICS to do this. The problem appears when I generate the 3D
surface because the object seems to be either too long on the height
axis (Z), or maybe too short on the X and Y directions. The image
header specifies that the pixel size is 0.488281x0.488281 mm (x and y
axes) and the distance between slices is 1mm, but when employing these
values the reconstruction still seams to be deformed.

Is there any suggestion on this matter? Does anyone know if the values
I'm using are right?

Awaiting for your response,
Best regards

Alexander Escobar
Mechanical Engineer

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