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07-20-2009, 04:19 PM
Advanced 3D Stereoscopic Navigation for Intraocular Treatment Procedures

In medicine, there has been an advent of ever more sophisticated
imaging methods, surgical technology, and computer capacity for data
processing in recent years. In particular, this is true for
ophthalmology, e.g. the use of the various laser-modalities or the
development of high-resolution optical coherence tomography. The
proposed PhD project includes several aspects of clinical treatment
procedures demanding individual imaging approaches.

In our group we have build individual software components for mono-
and multimodal co-registration of retina images. The first objective
of this PhD project is to combine the developed components with
hardware in order to build a System for Computer Assisted Retinal
Laser Photocoagulation. This system should be evaluated in a clinical
setup to reveal potential clinical benefits. Subsequently it should be
extended towards a 3D diagnosis and treatment system for ophthalmic
interventions. This 3D diagnosis and treatment system will be used in
a joint project between the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent
Systems at the ETH Zurich and our group here at the ARTORG-Center at
the University of Bern to steer electro magnetically driven micro
robots through the human eye to collect clinical data and to perform
surgical surgical interventions.

For this project we are seeking for a highly motivated candidate
willing to work in a multidisciplinary environment together with
clinicians and scientists. The project will be conducted in
collaboration with the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems
at the ETH Zurich. This project will be supported by the Swiss
National Science Foundation through the project “Computer Aided and
Image Guided Medical Interventions (CO- ME)” as part of the National
Center of Competence in Research.

The nature of the project demands computer vision background as well
as strong programming skills in C++ and preferably in OpenGL /
OpenInventor graphics. Additionally, background in Electronics would
be an advantage. Applicants need to be qualified to join the Graduate
Program of the Medical Faculty of the University of Bern (http://www.gcb.unibe.ch/content/index_eng.html
). If you feel attracted by this project please submit a comprehensive
application to the contact address listed below.

Supervisor contact:
Prof Jens Kowal: jens.kowal@artorg.unibe.ch

University of Bern
ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research

Prof Jens Kowal, Ph.D.
Ophthalmic Technologies
Inselspital Bern
Ophthalmology Department