View Full Version : AMTI now on the net: amti@world.std.com

Bruce Knoth
05-27-1994, 03:04 AM
Advanced Mechanical Technology (AMTI) manufactures force platforms, as well
as a full line of multi-component load cells for industrial and medical
applications (our small MC3 6-axis load cell is used in orthopedic
research applications.)

We have several new products. One is a force platform designed for balance
measurement. It weighs 9 Kg, measures 50x50 cm, and talks to computers
through the serial port so it works with notebook PC's.

We also make wear-testing machines for testing materials used in artificial
hips and knees. These specialized systems cycle the impants in
physiologic conditions in a controlled-temperature bath. They can applyy
a million cycles a week.

I wanted to let everyone know of our net address, amti@world.std.com.

(Our phone, by the way is 617-926-6700 and the fax is -5045)

We look forward to working with you via the electronic highway.

Bruce Knoth