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08-04-2009, 07:47 AM
We are pleased to announce the details for 2 exciting tutorials during
the American Society of Biomechanics meeting at Penn State on August
26, 2009.

Each tutorial will be $25 and limited to 40 delegates. If you would
like to participate, please email Jinger Gottschall (jinger@psu.edu)
to reserve your space and receive further details. Looking forward to
seeing you soon!

Tutorial #1 - Incorporating Virtual Reality and Brain Imaging
Technologies: Implications for Rehabilitation
Wednesday, August 26, 12p-2p
The Nittany Lion Inn: Marey Room

This tutorial will commence with a one-hour presentation describing
the current status of virtual reality research in medical
rehabilitation of various patient populations and an explanation of
the challenges for utilizing virtual reality in a clinical setting.
It will also review the fundamentals of brain imaging including: EEG
in clinical research and MRI/fMRI, DTI/MRS in clinical practice. The
second hour of the tutorial will be an interactive demonstration of
virtual reality and brain imaging testing procedures. The session
will be given by Semyon Slobounov from the Pennsylvania State
University and includes a visit to the Psychophysiology of Movement

Tutorial #2 - Building a Robotic Lower Limb Exoskeleton
Wednesday, August 26, 2p-4p
The Nittany Lion Inn: Borelli Room

This tutorial will present background information necessary to build
your own robotic lower limb exoskeleton. A one-hour presentation will
describe existing state of the art lower limb exoskeletons and provide
information about materials, actuators, controllers, and uses of
robotic lower limb exoskeletons. The second hour of the tutorial will
involve a demonstration of a robotic exoskeleton to assist human
walking, and four breakout groups to get hands on experience with
various exoskeleton designs and ask questions. The session will be led
by Dan Ferris from the University of Michigan and will also include
Keith Gordon from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Greg
Sawicki from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and Cara
Lewis from Boston University.

Jinger Gottschall and John Challis
The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Kinesiology