View Full Version : ISB Newsletter #38: Maiden Issue

Herman J. Woltring
06-13-1990, 08:00 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Today I received the first issue of the ISB-Newsletter from the new editorial
office at the University of Western Australia who will host the summer 1991
ISB XIII Congress. Graeme Wood should be congratulated
with his first editorial effort!

It might be nice to quote the second paragraph from his editorial:

Already though, this Editor has run into problems. Firstly, the
seasonal naming of issues seemed a bit incongruous, given the
realities of life in the Southern hemisphere. However, rather than
confuse the majority, but nevertheless ensure that some measure of
sympathy will prevail when a pale face from "down under" appears
at a conference in "Summer", I've decided to identify our quarterly
issues as Feb/Mar, May/June, Aug/Sep, and Nov/Dec respectively.

For Biomch-L, the distribution of Southerners and Northerners would appear
to be similar: as yet, we have no subscribers from South America, and only
a few from Africa (at a Northern latitude, though!).

Considering Graeme's Biomechanics Position posting onto the list on 7 June
1990 at about 09:20 MET, I was intrigued by a slightly different text included
in the Newsletter as a " STOP PRESS ! " item. His Department is now described
as "Department of Human Movement AND RECREATION", and the profile as posted
onto Biomch-L last week was amended as follows:

"An ability to assist in the teaching of gymnastics and/or basketball
would be an advantage".

(-: How many of the Biomch-L readers have such capabilities, and/or view their
networking and other terminal activities not merely as an upper limb effort
but also as as a recreational endeavour ?

Newsletter #38 contains (for those readers who are not ISB members):

ISB News
- Council subcommittees and positions
- ISB Gait Terminology Working Group