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08-06-2009, 06:08 AM
Hi everyone,

If you are planning to join us at ASB for the morning runs (6:15a.m. on
Thursday and Friday at the Nittany Lion Shrine) or are planning to run
on your own, here are some routes in State College. A big thanks to
Matt Moran who will lead the group on Thursday and Mike Hast who will
lead the group on Friday, and for putting together these online routes.

Also, join us for the 'Lab Challenge' on Saturday. If you want to enter
as a team, 1 mentor and 2 graduate students of that mentor comprise a
team. The 'Lab' with the fastest cumulative time will win a very
special prize. The race will start promptly at 7 a.m. just across the
street from the Inn.

Happy Running and see you at ASB!

All the runs leave from the Nittany Lion Shrine.

Campus Loop (4.5 miles) -

A simple loop around campus to see some of the campus sites. Just past
Beaver Stadium on the right you will notice some large playing fields.
These are great for some soft surface loops if you needed to add on to
your run.

Golf Course Loop (4.0 miles) -

These loops are in opposite directions from the Nittany Lion Inn so I
nice 8.5 mile run can be made with little chance of getting lost.

4 Hills Loop (3.5 miles - some trail) -

Although this is only 3.5 miles, this run will get people to some trail
options BUT there are some large hills so be careful.

Bike Path Out & Back (6.6 or any less - paved path) -

This is a nice and simple out & back run with some rolling terrain but
mostly flat. I ended this run at a trailhead in some State Managed
Forest. There are some great trail options here.

Golf Course and Campus Hybrid Run (6.1 miles- paved path)-

This is a relatively flat course that can be cut short at 2.5 miles, and
a turn-around can be made at 3.1 miles to create a 4 mile run. Longer
runners can complete the 6.1 mile course by circling Beaver Stadium
where they will have a chance to give the Joe Paterno statue a "high

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