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08-06-2009, 06:01 PM
I am currently trying to raise some interest in a new BASES interest group
(British association of Sport and Exercise Sciences for those of you who
don't know them) that I am hoping to start. My background and area of
interest is in soft tissue biomechanics and as such I am aiming to start an
interest group in clinical, functional and exercise aspects of soft tissue

BASES interest groups are advertised as 'an active forum for focused
discussion, activity and debate among BASES members and guests who share an
interest in an identified area'. I am not certain on how the group would
work yet - I would like to arrange for some sort of online interaction and 2
or 3 meetings per year which could either be workshop or
conference/presentation style gatherings. Should the group get off the
ground, I feel the background of the group should help form the style - not
the other way around...

I have arranged for messages to be posted and sent out to relevant groups
and so far I have heard back from some people who are interested in joining
the group.Ideally I am looking for members who are willing to commit a
little online time (not much as I appreciate we all have jobs and other
things to be doing) and perhaps contribute (or at least attend) a meeting
once per year. If there is more interest from members then more meetings
could be arranged. Essentially the idea is to have a mixture of online
discussions and advice with different problems and questions hopefully
answered by people from a range of backgrounds. From the people I have
spoken to already there seems to be a good range of people from clinical,
applied and sports/exercise backgrounds.

I have spoken with BASES and it seems that interest group members do not
have to be a member of bases or have to pay to join the group. I have
therefore decided to contact yourselves in the hope that some of you will be
interested in joining the group. With no fees there really isn't anything to
lose. The only time we might ask for money is for workshops/meeting which
will not be compulsory attendance...

There are other ways in which the group could function e.g. with training
days and other events but that really depends on what people want from the
group. I don't want to promise too much at this stage so I am trying to keep
the idea as simple as possible.

If you are interested in joining (or know someone who might be...) please
contact me at d.w.e.robbins@googlemail.com.



Many Thanks
Daniel Robbins
07930 919600