View Full Version : Call for Applications to Host the 3rd Internat. Fascia ResearchCongress in 2012

08-17-2009, 01:20 AM
Dear Colleagues

the organizers and sponsors of the 2009 Fascia Research Congress at Vrije
Universiteit in Amsterdam are inviting recommendations for hosting the Third
International Fascia Research Congress in 2012.


The First International Fascia Research Congress was held in Boston at The
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School in the fall of
2007. It proved to be a huge success with more registrant demand than we
could accommodate. It also generated quite a lot of media attention with
coverage in many journals and recognition that this event was a breakthrough
into a new field of interdisciplinary scientific exploration (including a
two page article in SCIENCE magazine).

Preparations for the Second International Research Congress in Amsterdam
October 27-30th 2009 are in full steam and we again expect a large
attendance. The facilities at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam offer
considerable more space than was available in 2007 and are excellent for
another top quality conference experience for all attending. Main
conference October 27 - 31, 2009 with Post Congress Workshops October 31.
Full details at
http://www.fasciacongress.org/2009/ .

Now, we are looking for another excellent host organization and location for
the Third Fascia Research Congress, with spring or fall 2012 as realistic
target planning dates.

Our Request to You

Announcing the official call for host applications for the Third
International Fascia Research Congress. Please let us know of your interest
and/or suggestions for hosting FRC 2012.

Important considerations for selection of the 2012 conference host and

4 conference days.

Based on registration history for this event.the 2012 site should be able
to accommodate in plenary session 800 from out of town + host's estimate of
number coming from the immediate area.

Up to three breakout/parallel sessions per day on 2-3 days of the

Full description of venue(s) with costs, nearby hotel accommodations,
local conditions and transportation, best timing.

The staff support host community (or institution) has/can put in place to
manage the event through all phases-planning/communications/procurements
through to on-site event management.

What relevant experience host organization team can draw upon?

What benefits/special features host proposal promises to offer for the
conference participants and presenters.

Next Steps

Please let us know of your interest and/or suggestions for hosting FRC 2012.
Email to info@fasciacongress.org. Ideally,
we would like to complete the selection process in time to announce the 2012
conference site at the conference in Amsterdam.

On behalf of the organizers and sponsors of the Second International Fascia
Research Congress,

Thomas W. Findley MD PhD

Executive Director, Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation and Fascia Research

Peter Huijing PhD

Scientific Director, Fascia Research Congress 2009

Robert Schleip PhD

Vice President, Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation for the Fascia Research