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08-17-2009, 06:23 AM
Dear Colleagues,

Dr. Geoff Fernie (V.P. Research) and the Toronto Rehabilitation
Institute, North America's second largest rehab facility, invite you to
become part of a pioneering research initiative that will advance rehab
science in unprecedented ways. The Challenging Environments Assessment
Laboratory (CEAL) will be one of the most advanced rehabilitation
research labs in the world and will serve to unite first-class
scientists and innovators.

CEAL consists of a large, one-of-a-kind, 6 degree of freedom motion
platform that can mimic everyday environmental conditions and is capable
of moving humans in a number of systematic ways. Experimenters will be
able to, for instance, disturb the stability of mobile human subjects or
the stability of mobility devices (i.e. wheelchairs), create sloped
floor surfaces, or simulate a journey over rough terrain. The platform
can be configured with various, interchangeable payloads (portable,
self-contained laboratory spaces) that can be physically lifted on to
the motion base. Currently three unique payloads are being constructed,

(1) General Purpose Payload that can be outfitted with interchangeable
features such as an instrumented staircase and a force plate floor.

(2) Winter Payload that can simulate different atmospheric conditions
such as wind and snow and will actually contain a real ice floor.

(3) Visual Dome Payload that contains a high resolution, large
field-of-view, visual projection system that can be coupled with various
movement interfaces including a linear treadmill and wheelchair

Please visit our website at www.cealidapt.com for more information.
There you will also be able to download a detailed Partner Information
Package (see http://www.cealidapt.com/downloads.html )

With a completion date of February 2011 on the horizon, now is the time
to start planning your research projects using CEAL's one-of-a-kind
capabilities! We look forward to embarking upon this exciting research
endeavour with you and greatly anticipate a future of outstanding
scientific achievements and inspired technological innovations that will
contribute to improving lives.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information.


Jennifer Campos

Jennifer Campos, PhD

Research Scientist


Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

180 Elm Street

Toronto, Ontario

M5T 3M4

Tel: 416-849-4340 x206

Fax: 647-438-7150

E-mail: campos.jennifer@torontorehab.on.ca

Website: http://www.torontorehab.com/research/campos.html

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