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08-20-2009, 07:49 AM
This year at ASB, in addition to the Women in Science luncheon on Friday, August 28, there will be a new ASB luncheon, the Diversity luncheon on Thursday, August 27, at the annual meeting. We invite all interested people to attend. We desire to include underrepresented minorities (URMs) and non-minorities in a stimulating discussion. Below is an overview of what the organizers have planned for the format and overall goals of this new group.

1) The organizers (who are women and URMs students and faculty at various stages of the career path) will share their experiences
2) Create a list of the 10 things mentors should know about diversity and URMs
3) Create a list of the 10 things women and URMs should know about the "system" (mentor+institution+field)
4) The group will discuss strategies that worked in getting ahead in research and academia and those that did not work
5) The luncheon will provide networking opportunities for women and URMs attending the conference and explore ways to recruit and retain women and URMs in the field of biomechanics

Due to the overwhelming registration for ASB, we request people interested in attending the luncheon RSVP to Becky Fellin (fellin@udel.edu), by Tuesday, August 25. A headcount will allow us to ensure the luncheon room has enough seating. The room will be announced at the conference.

We look forward to seeing you at the Diversity luncheon!


Alaa Ahmed, Ph.D.
Becky Fellin, M.S.
Rodger Kram, Ph.D.
Matthew Mccullough, Ph.D.
Francisco Valero-Cuevas, Ph.D.