View Full Version : ASB Women in Science Luncheon

08-21-2009, 04:32 AM
This year at ASB, the Women in Science luncheon will focus on career path options and general discussion among the group. The luncheon will be held on Friday, August 28, room TBA. We invite all interested people to attend. Five female researchers will facilitate roundtable discussions focusing on their personal career paths and career path options. These researchers have career paths including both academia and industry. Each researcher’s general bio, focused on her chosen career path, will be posted at the entrance to the luncheon. The following five researchers will be attending the luncheon:

Sylvia Salinas Blemker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Virginia

Irene S. Davis, PT, Ph.D, FACSM
Director of Research, Drayer Physical Therapy Institute
Professor, University of Delaware

Janet S. Dufek, Ph.D., FACSM
Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Research Scientist, HPW Biomechanics

Michelle Heller, Ph.D.
Senior Engineer
Exponent Inc.

Kiisa Nishikawa, Ph.D.
Professor, Northern Arizona University
ASB Keynote Speaker

Due to the overwhelming registration for ASB, we request people interested in attending the luncheon RSVP to Becky Fellin (fellin@udel.edu), by Wednesday, August 26. A headcount will allow us to ensure the luncheon room has enough seating. The room will be announced at the conference.

We look forward to seeing you at the Women in Science luncheon!

Becky Fellin
ASB Student Representative