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unknown user
05-30-1994, 11:23 PM
Dear Biomch-L:

In response to the recent request by Cheng Cao for back skin contours, I would
like to offer the following response. Although I do not know the details of his
project, I suspect that what he is proposing to do has already been done. There
are at least 2 sources that I know of for full body skin contours. First of all, the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has IGES files defining the full
body contour of humans seated in the automotive position. These contours are
available for the 95%, 50%, and 5% body types. These data files may be
obtained for a nominal copying fee of approximately $35 per file. For further
details you may contact Barbara Hennessey at


or (if absolutely necessary) you may contact me directly at


Also, there is a company out in Utah called Viewpoint Datalabs that also sells
surface contour data files for all different parts of the body. Their data is
available in a large variety of graphics formats, including IGES. You can get
further details and ask for a catalog by calling 1-800-DATASET.

- Mike Kleinberger