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Paul Devita
06-01-1994, 01:32 AM
-i agree with brian davis' assessment of the error associated with the
various components used in the inverse dynamic analysis when analyzing
human gait. in our data, the inertial moments for all segments in the
lower extremity range between 1 to 4% for both walking and running.
moderate error in the inertial values (segment masses) for each segment
would therefore produce only a small error in the total joint torque.
-in contrast, errors in locating the grf vector onto the foot produced
errors ranging between 5 to 20% in the joint torque, depending on the
magnitude of the error in the center of pressure.
-i use the hanavan model to predict segmental masses, moments of inertia,
and the location of the segmental mass centers. i am of the opinion that
any of the several methods currently used to predict these values would
produce similar results. consequently, calculated joint torques would be
very similar in human gait regardless of the method used to predict these
variables. has anyone compared the joint torques in gait when using
different predictions of these variables?
paul devita
southern illinois univ
email: ga4020 @ siucvmb.siu.edu