View Full Version : Facial modeling?Adhesive tape?

10-03-2009, 07:32 PM
Dear subscribers,
We are trying to start a research on Facial palsy patients using Qualysis
Motion capture system .As you know, the face model is usually used for
games and animations construction.I will be appreciated if Any one has
any idea about the facial modeling or can refer me any related
We are currently using double-sided adhesives tape for placing markers on
body.But when the patients run or walk on treadmill for 10-12 minutes,
skin wetness will cause the adhesive tape to fall from the skin.I
wonder if anyone
can suggest an alternative method
Thank you in advance,
sincerely yours
Mohammad Reza Farazdaghi
PT,Last term MS Student, CHMSR, Faculty Of Rehabilitation, SUMS(Shiraz
University of Medical Sciences)
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