View Full Version : What BioFeedback Sensors to purchase for Presence experiment?

10-08-2009, 03:09 AM
I'd appreciate your help as we prepare to purchase some of the
biosensing equipment around ($15,000).

These sensors will be used in conjunction with our motion capture
equipment -- the idea being to synchronously capture useful
physiological data along with skeletal motion.

Our questions are mostly:


1) reputation? I know this company from colleagues in the UK. Is
there a better domestic resource?

2) We think we need respiration, heart rate, GSR, temp, G and the EEG
"skull cap", but are not sure about whether this company is as strong
on EMG sensors, which we do need. Opinion? Are there other
modalities that you think are crucial? Useful? Useful to others (in
BE, e.g.)?

We were hoping to measure the immersive presence of someone in
virtual worlds using biofeedback sensors
and have around $15K to spend.

Does anyone one have suggestions of devices to buy.
We are primarily a graphics lab and don't have much experience here.

(emotional attachment to a virtual experience / immersive presence,
as defined in papers by M. Slater)

- Joe

Joseph T. Kider Jr.

Acting Associate Director
SIG Center for Computer Graphics
University of Pennsylvania