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Michael Lee
06-01-1994, 03:52 AM
Dear Biomch-l subscribers,

I am seeking information about the geometry of the pelvic bones. I am looking
for [ideally] data describing typical male and female adult pelves.

These data would include the three dimensional coordinates of all major
bony landmarks such as ASIS, PSIS, iliac crest points, pubic symphysis
markers, sacroiliac joint markers etc etc. - as many key points as possible.

My search of the literature has not found much of such data. A recent paper
by Gerlach and Lierse [Acta Anat 1992: 97-102] described a model that was
built upon such data but did not give the data. I don't need as much detail
as they used, but I do need more than I find in anthropometric surveys such
as given in "Anthropometric Source Book Vol. II" by NASA.

I realise that I could pursue extraction of such data from scans [e.g. CT]
but I don't want to re-invent the wheel if anyone knows of an already public
source of such data.

If I get some good answers I will gladly supply them to those who contact me
with requests. If there is a lot of interest I will post the responses on Biomch-l.

Thanks in anticipation,


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