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10-16-2009, 01:53 AM
Call for Tutorial Proposals for the JEGM (GCMAS + ESMAC) combined
meeting, to be held May 12-15th, 2010 in Miami, Florida, USA.

About the Meeting: This is the second GCMAS / ESMAC combined meeting
and provides an international forum to fulfill the mission of GCMAS and
ESMAC to stimulate and advance scientific knowledge, promote
professional interaction and collaboration among societies and society
members, and advance the field of gait and clinical movement analysis
in the clinical and research environments. This program is designed for
orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, developmental pediatricians, and
physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, as well as physical
and occupational therapists, kinesiologists,
biomedical/mechanical/electrical engineers, and others interested in
human movement.

Please share this announcement with colleagues who may have an interest
in attending this meeting.

Tutorial Proposals: The combined Education Committee of the GCMAS and
ESMAC will select 4 tutorial proposals that are consistent with the
mission of the societies to be presented at the combined meeting in

To give applicants an idea of the range of tutorial topics possible,
selected tutorial titles are included below:
"Using Participation as a Health Indicator in Children with
Neuromusculoskeletal Disorders",
"Tone Management & Orthopedic Surgery: The Clinical Decision Making
Paradigm at Gillette Children's",
"Kinematics 101: A primer on the fundamentals of joint kinematics",
"Advanced analysis of EMG Data"
"Clinical Applications of Dynamical Systems Theory."

The committee encourages, but not limits, tutorials in the following
areas for the JEGM 2010 combined meeting:
“Financial considerations in motion lab operation”
“Robot assisted rehabilitation”
“Biofeedback assisted rehabilitation”
“Reasoning and integrated understanding of the massive gait analysis
data for healthy and pathological conditions”
“Physiological assessment as it relates to movement analysis”
“Clinical – alternative therapies for movement disorders”

Our Committee encourages creative ideas for tutorials from GCMAS and
ESMAC members and non-members that meet the mission of the societies.
You are encouraged to participate in the JEGM 2010 annual meeting by
submitting a tutorial proposal.

Tutorials will be scheduled on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010. Each tutorial
should be no more than one and a half hours in length. Please submit
tutorial proposals in accordance with the guidelines below.

Tutorial Proposal Guidelines: Applications should include all the
following sections: title, instructor(s), purpose, intended audience,
prerequisite knowledge, abstract, learning objectives, and outline of
course content for the one and a half hour time frame. The outline
should be specific, detailing the amount of time spent on each topic
area. Applications are restricted to 2 pages or less.

Deadline: Applications should be submitted by the end of the day on
December 18th, 2009 to:
Vassilios Vardaxis at vassilios.vardaxis@dmu.edu

Selection: The combined Education Committee of the GCMAS and ESMAC is
responsible for the review and selection of the tutorials to be offered
at the meeting. The Committee will notify applicants prior to January
15th, 2010.

Compensation/Scheduling: The tutorial presenters are awarded 1 free
registration (including the banquet) to the JEGM meeting in Miami.

The selected tutorials are scheduled by the programming committee.

Questions/Ideas: If you have questions or ideas regarding tutorials
please contact:
Ilse Jonkers, ilse.jonkers@faber.kuleuven.be or
Vassilios Vardaxis, vassilios.vardaxis@dmu.edu

For more information about the meeting: http://www.jegm.org.

Vassilios G. Vardaxis, Ph.D.