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10-18-2009, 09:48 PM
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I was asked to forward the following openings.

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Tallinn University of Technology, Center for Biorobotics www.biorobotics.ttu.ee in Estonia has the following position opening:

Research areas: medical image processing, computer algorithms, parallel computing, signal processing, soft organ modelling
Research focus: the researcher would participate in European Union financed FP7 Framework project SAFROS dedicated to surgical automation. The research would include real-time algorithm development for soft organ modelling, calibration and deformation registration. It comprises the analysis of the pre-operative and intra-operative modeling methods of deformable organs from CT, MR and US scans, development of on-line reconstruction algorithms.

Research areas: mechanical design of fish swimming robots, mechanical modeling of fish swimming kinematics and dynamics
Research focus: the researcher would participate in European Union financed FP7 Framework project FILOSE (www.filose.eu) dedicated to fish locomotion and sensing and fish robots. It involves modeling of fish locomotion in response to the hydrodynamic events, optimization of the mechanical properties of the fish robot, mechanical design of fish robot prototypes, experimental validation of the prototypes in a flume pipe. The work is carried out in close cooperation with other research groups in the project focusing on lateral line sensing, fish biology and control.

TUT Center for Biorobotics is a recently established rapidly growing multidisciplinary research center involved in several international research projects. It is well equipped for theoretical and experimental work in mechanics, control, fluid dynamics, CFD and parallel computing. We value free academic spirit, novel ideas on the borderline of science and technology, teamwork and cooperation over various disciplines. Estonia is an EU member state with a rapid growth, modern infrastructure and thin bureaucracy.

More information: maarja.kruusmaa@biorobotics.ttu.ee

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