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10-28-2009, 12:20 AM
New Spring ATC GA Positions - Auburn University

Several new masters or doctoral level Certified Athletic Trainer
graduate assistant positions now available to start January 2010.

1 position - January 2010 - Warrior Athletic Training Program. Early
morning hours required. No team travel or evenings required. Unique
opportunity to gain experience providing sports medicine services to
infantry recruits. Interact with military medical personnel and cadre,
track injuries, help oversee sports medicine facility. On-field and
in-clinic experience. Some travel and clothing included.

2 positions - January 2010. Head ATC for area high schools. Oversee all
sports medicine operations, coverage, administration, etc. Some travel
reimbursement may be included. Well established sports medicine program
working with local orthopedic clinic, physical therapists and surgeons.

4 positions – August 2010. See above.

These 2-year positions include a full tuition waver and stipend.
Responsibilities vary with position, but include significant
responsibility, clinical experience, and working with medical
professionals. Opportunities to earn addition funds through Auburn
University intramurals, club sports and other events are available.
Students will complete the graduate post-certification athletic training
specialization/Exercise Science Masters Degree Program or a doctoral
degree in Kinesiology. This is a research-based program providing
clinical, classroom, and on-field experiences. This program offers the
opportunity to work with top orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation
professionals, and researchers in the fields of biomechanics,
neuromechanics, exercise physiology, thermal regulation,
cardioprotection, motor control and development, and sports psychology.

Mature, highly dependable individuals able to work independently and as
a part of a team are required. BOC certification by start of work,
eligible for licensure in Georgia and/or Alabama, valid driver’s
license, GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale), admission to Auburn University
Graduate School, and acceptance into the Post-Certification Graduate
Athletic Training Program are required.

The Neuromechanics Research Laboratory (NURL) is the home to the
Post-Certification Graduate Athletic Training Program at Auburn
University. It offers over 1400 sq feet of newly renovated, dedicated
research space, with an adjoining smart classroom and 264 sq feet
attached graduate student office space. The NURL lab offers a state of
the art 3-D Motion Analysis Flock-of-Birds motion capture system with
integrated, imbedded, non-conductive Bertec forceplate and EMG
capability with custom built controlling computer. Additionally, a
portable AccuGait Force Platform (AMTI, Watertown, MA) provides
outstanding flexible posturography capability. A Grass Telefactor
electrical stimulation S88 system enables nerve and spinal cord
stimulation techniques, coupled with a DelSys, Inc., Bagnoli 8 channel
Desktop EMG system and tethered receiver, and a BIOPAC 150 physiological
data collection system offering 8 channel EMG data collection.
Additional equipment includes a Kinesiology data collection system
containing 8 optic gates, touch pad and instrumented balance board;
electro-goniometers, oscilloscope, A/D boards, and associated
neurological test equipment. The laboratory also offers a massage and 2
treatment tables, commercial and custom rehabilitation equipment,
including BAPS boards, custom designed balance boards, and a standing
chair and harness for spinal cord patients. The NURL is contiguous with
the Thermal laboratory, sharing common space which offers a locker room
area and a flexible exercise testing space providing access to
resistance training equipment, treadmills, exercise bikes,
wind-trainers, and other equipment. The Thermal Laboratory is often
utilized by ATC program researchers. It encompasses approximately 7000
square feet. Within this lab area is a temperature chamber with a
controlled temperature range from 33 °F- 110 °F, and humidity control
ranging 15% and 85%. The thermal chamber is large enough to allow 2
treadmills or bike trainers side by side, or 2 massage tables within the
chamber for maintenance of temperature and humidity during
testing/treatment. Our infrared imaging area within the Thermal Lab is
maintained at 22-23°C during research without forced air flow from
drafts or air conditioning. The Thermal Lab features 3 state of the art
Dynamic Infrared Spectroscopy cameras and controlling computers allowing
real-time data collection, and various other equipment to measure skin,
core (esophageal, rectal, tympanic, oral), and adjusted temperature
measures (axillary, forehead), and grant data loggers that allowing
continuously monitoring and recording of thermal measures. The lab also
has designated areas for weight resistive exercise and measurement,
oxygen consumption during exercise, four cycling Computrainers, Quinten
Excalibur mechanically brake cycle ergometer, four treadmills, climbing
machine, rowing, Monark cycle ergometers, and three computer data
download and analysis areas. Additionally, collection stations are set
up in the lab for blood, urine, sweat, and other physiological measures.
A flame photometer allows us to measure electrolyte concentrations in
all samples. We also collaborate with the Auburn University Veterinary
School when performing various cell culture analyses related to exercise
related questions. The Thermal Laboratory is a BSL-1 level biohazard
certified lab. Additionally, The Department of Kinesiology offers
Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory- a BSL-2 level biohazard
certified lab, Muscle Physiology Laboratory, Cardio-protection
laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Motor Learning laboratories, Health
Promotion Laboratories, Dexa Scan equipment, Sport Injury Biomechanics
Laboratory, and teaching laboratories. The Department of Kinesiology is
housed in Auburn Universities Memorial Coliseum. In addition to the main
Coliseum gym, several smaller gyms, dance rooms, weight rooms, work-out
rooms, conference rooms, and a lounge area are available.

JoEllen M. Sefton, PhD, ATC, CMT
Director, Neuromechanics Research Laboratory
Athletic Training Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Kinesiology
2050 Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849-5323
Phone: 334-844-1694
Fax: 334-844-1467
Email: jmsefton@auburn.edu