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10-30-2009, 12:56 AM
Dear subscribers
Thank you for your mails
Q:We use double-sided adhesives tapes, and have the marker falling problem
due to skin wetness.Here is a summary of your replies,
1-double sided electrode tapes
2-toupee tapes which are used by bald persons using wigs.
3-using small strips of hypafix tape over the base of the markers in
addition to the double-sided tape. ( Hypafix is breathable and is less
affected by perspiration.)
4-eye lash glue
5-adhesive product called Stik-It as a first layer before affixing the
marker to the skin.(
6- And a simple method to prevent sweating :just putting a fan in front of
patients while they walk on treadmill
Thank you all (specially Dr Brian Schulz)
sincerely yours
Mohammad Reza Farazdaghi
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