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11-04-2009, 05:34 AM
I’m trying to put together an interesting symposium on practical
applications of data modeling for the next meeting of the European College
of Sport Science in Antalya, Turkey, June 23-26, 2010. So far there are
four speakers: Jürgen Perl, Daniel Memmert, Andrea Schmidt, and me. We need
two more. If anyone is going to the meeting or knows of anyone going to the
meeting who might be interested in taking part, please contact me.

I'd like to keep the focus on unusual or novel aspects of modeling of the
kind used with data mining (neural nets, Markov chains...), partly because I
want to learn more about those techniques. You would spend a reasonable
proportion of your 10-12 min introducing the modeling method to the audience
in plain language, then you would present your findings of a practical
application to sport or exercise. So far mine is the only presentation
using linear modeling. Another presentation using a novel approach to linear
or non-linear parametric or non-parametric modeling would be acceptable.

Please note that there is no funding for this session. The advantages of
being involved are that, if the symposium is accepted, you will definitely
present your material at the podium and get to know some other researchers
who are passionate about making sense and use of data. If you submit an
abstract on your own, you are likely to end up presenting it as a poster,
which is OK, but poster sessions at ECSS have not been particularly
successful thus far. Hopefully that will change at the next meeting.

Will G Hopkins, PhD FACSM
Contact info: http://sportsci.org/will
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