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11-15-2009, 01:34 PM
Dear Colleagues

I would greatly appreciate that you distribute this

Call for Papers

Special Issue on

"Personal Care Robotics"

for the journal:
Applied Bionics and Biomechanics

The deadline for Paper submissions is February 15, 2010.

Other important dates:
May 31, 2010, Notification of acceptance
August 31, 2010, Revised / Final manuscript

It is expected that robotics would be a hot field in this century.
Many governments have a vision of putting robots in homes in coming
years, and relevant industries are backing these actions by building
system than can easily fit the market. Among various Robotics
industries, Personal Care Robotics markets are expected to have a
dramatic growth reaching every home. These robots are expected to
provide personal assistance in the home doing cleaning or cooking,
assisting in the care of the elderly or young children. Several
research institutes have started exploring the technologies to
build such robot. On top of the traditional robotic problems,
one key issue in personal robots is the acceptance of these robots
into human society which depends on the way such robots interact
with people. To achieve a natural human way of interaction
involving voice, gestures, gaze direction, facial expression,
body posture, and vocal babbles is getting closer with the rapid
advancement in related technologies.

This special issue on personal care robotics will serve as a
platform for researchers to share their technical findings and
solutions to domain specific problems. In addition, it would present
to the community the current standing and potential future directions
for the field of personal care robotics. And finally, it would provide

an introduction, significance and advancement of the emerging class
of personal care robots to a beginner in this field. The focus of
this special issue lies on the following domains but is not limited

● Human-Robot-Interaction and Cooperation
● Navigation and Mapping in dynamic environments
● Computer Vision and Object Recognition under natural light
● Object Manipulation
● Adaptive Behaviors
● Behavior Integration
● Ambient Intelligence
● Standardization and System Integration
● Learning by Imitation

Guest Editors:
Mohan Rajesh Elara, Singapore Polytechnic
Wijerupage Sardha Wijesoma, Nanyang Technological
Carlos Acosta Antonio Calderon,Singapore Polytechnic
Zhou Changjiu, Singapore Polytechnic

For more information on this Special Issue, please contact
Dr. Mohan Rajesh Elara at the email address shown below.

Please inform Dr. Mohan Rajesh Elara at your earliest convenience if
you can submit a contribution to this Special Issue.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Best regards.

Mohan Rajesh Elara