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11-17-2009, 03:25 AM
Dear All,

I'd like to announce a major new upgrade to GaitSym. The main new
features are as follows:

* Complete revamp of user interface using Qt for cross platform support
* Command line no longer necessary to run models
* Much faster rendering allowing quick interaction with highly complex
* Extended data output options and better documentation
* Improved data matching support

You can read about the new version at

You can download it directly from

There will be a whole bunch of new models available soon (hadrosaur,
horse, chimpanzee, bonobo, Australopithecus afarensis, Homo erectus,
Homo neanderthalensis). These are just awaiting final publication and
last minute fixes. Please contact me if you want to know more about

In case you don't know what GaitSym is, here's the blurb from the manual

GaitSym is a forward dynamic modelling program. What that means is
that you specify the forces and the program uses Newton's Laws to
calculate the movements. It include a range of human and non-human 2D
and 3D models to get you started. It uses the Open Dynamics Engine
physics engine to do most of the hard work and provides a file format
and display system so the user does not have to do any programming. It
also provides various muscle models so that the forces can be
generated directly from muscle activation levels and a number of hooks
to allow it to be used with global optimisation tools such as genetic


* Fast, Flexible and Robust Forward Dynamic Modeller
* Sophisticated Contact System
* Minetti-Alexander and Umberger-Gerritsen-Martin Muscle Models for
Metabolic Cost Estimation
* Via Points and Cylinder Wrapping for Muscle Paths
* Inertial Tensor Calculated from Triangular Mesh Outline
* World or Local Coordinate Systems for Efficient Model Creation
* Full Source Code Included (C++ compiles on MacOSX, Windows, Linux
and other Unix systems)
* Complete with a Variety of Human and Non-human 2D and 3D models
* Produces High Quality Stills and Animations via External Ray-tracing

Dr. Bill Sellers Email: William.Sellers@manchester.ac.uk
Programme Director of Zoology Skype: wisellers
Faculty of Life Sciences Tel. 0161 2751719
The University of Manchester Fax: 0161 2753938
3.614 Stopford Building Mob: 0785 7655786
Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PT, UK http://www.animalsimulation.org